November Retreat: There’s no going back now

I came into this weekend kind of knowing what to expect, as I did this all last year. However what I never even thought about was the possibility of six new people being interested in our project. We ended up splitting into two groups, one focused on continuing Breaking Binary and one focused on issues regarding gender equality and things such as the dress code. I’ve started calling this new group Smashing Sexism, as one of the members brought it up as a joke but it really seemed to work, and Breaking Binary started as a joking filler name as well. Although we are pursuing different projects, some parts overlap and compliment each other.


We ended up meeting together when first forming teams, and discussing a lot before we decided how to split. The only downside of Breaking Binary having such great momentum, is that there isn’t much room to change our path. It quite a “well there’s no going back now” type of thing, which I’m okay with and I’m very invested in this project. That brings us to what our goals are until our next retreat, both group goals, and personal goals that support the overall group goals.

To get a clearer sense of where we wanted the project to go, we wrote down what out things such as our target audience, our mission, etc., building off our plans from last year while also including new ideas such as creating an educational web-series.img_5794We need to be ready for filming at the next retreat, which is in only four weeks. Our goals for the upcoming week so that we can work towards that, are to define our story, and begin a template for workshops, as well as finish creating goals for the rest of the month. I will be focusing on the workshop aspect, which will entail doing research on and figuring out how to approach the workshop, as well as what things to bring up during them. We want these workshops to be used in schools across the state to educate teachers and administrators on how to create safer and more inclusive environments. The workshops will likely go along with some sort of phase system, last years documentary being shown as a part of phase one. The web-series will also go along with the phases, and probably be a large part of it.

Overall I think this weekend really helped us to get a better idea of where we want to go, and of course it solidified who we are working with. As long as we strive to meet all our goals this month, I think we will be totally prepared for whatever December brings.

Fiona Nelson

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