November Retreat: A Day Of New Ideas

This weekend definitely wasn’t what I pictured. Though I knew I was going to be nervous, I didn’t anticipate my group, or the food, or just the overall location. When I first walked in my friends, we were the only ones in the dining hall, other than Tim, and though I expected a “dining hall” to look a little different that what it is, I definitely didn’t expect to be the first ones there. As the day went on the anticipation of presenting grew stronger as it grew closer, and though my presentation definitely didn’t go as planned, it was better than expected. First, I started out, stayed in line with slides, then, I froze, forgot my place, and blanked, and after a minute of standing up there silent, I found my place and continued my presentation. After was pretty boring, no more anticipation, less anxiety, double the confusion. Not only did I almost drop my computer three times during the presentations, but my computer also died in the middle of a presentation, and then I sounded like an elephant walking through the room when I went to go get my charging cord. After that whole dilemma the day went pretty smooth. I got lunch, questioned my sandwiches ingredients, and moved on with my day. I think one of the most interesting parts of the day was when I almost completely dropped my subject, and became intrigued with another, because after two weeks of reviewing over and over again what think to be your year long project, it definitely comes as a shock later when you realize it took you five indecisive minutes to switch projects. Not that I don’t love my project and group, but I wasn’t expecting the outcome of these two days. Working with group went as I expected, first ten minutes I was quiet, then I started to talk little, and then I actually started to contribute to my new project. After lunch, I thought we were going to have something around the lines of sandwiches, or something other pizza for dinner, though I’m not complaining. Rooms were pretty cool, just like the photos they showed us before. The day was interesting, exciting, strange, and nerve wracking, but overall I now know my group, my topic, and my new favorite swing set(Not joking, free time was spent on swings, laughing the entire time). I learned about issue facing our communities and Vermont, and what I can do to help change those issues, even if there not my topic. Hmmm, next month…Maybe a couple blog posts here and there, researching stuff, and figuring out even more future plans.

Grace Darrow

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