October 19th Weekend and Gathering

This weekend was filled with heaps and bunches of useful information–both surrounding our future documentaries and the tools we’ll be using to construct this blog-post. Not only that, but it was also an eye-opening, wonderful bonding experience–that allowed us to get to know one another deeper than we had in prior meetings. With that being said, my first highlight happens to be the construction of the groups–and the clarity it provided. When we spent a good chunk of time getting together and discussing our beliefs and key elements of what we would provide, it really brought a lot to the table–and gave an opportunity for insight and relation. This constant bonding encounter–hour upon hour, working or not, sincerely made for an enjoyable time at the Common Grounds this weekend. And that, of course, was not the only way we remained stability. We also were given hefty lunch, dinner and breakfast times–able to talk about our day, our goals, our groups and our overall feelings regarding the situation we were in, and still are. We were able to closely involve, play games with each other, chat–and genuinely have a pleasant time. In contrast to the socialization aspect, though, we were able to have alone time as well; not have the pressurized push to talk every moment. We were given space, and that is valuable.

In disparity, there were also some struggles with this weekend. A couple, but not many. One of which happened to be, as I struggle with indecisive behavior: overall decision making. It wasn’t incredibly stressful, but just enough so that I felt as if I wasn’t able to fully delve as much as I would’ve preferred more desirably. But it’s totally okay–I can work with the idea of meeting deadlines. It’s something I can definitely work on. And as well as that, despite how socialization may be something super key in this journey of WTS–I was sometimes ridden excessively by the amount. But, as a subtle contrast, we were able to have a little bit of time left alone–which was most definitely needed and very useful.

Upon what was stated in the first paragraph–the clarity of my group and generally how it flowed; it went well. Incredibly well, actually, and was much helpful and aiding to the decisions I was attempting to make, and the ideas I wanted to form. The topic I happened to choose, which aligned perfectly with one of my desires, happened to be the LGBT+ Mental Health one, accompanied by only one other person ( for now ). This simplicity of the group made for an efficient, understandable period of time–where we were able to converse frequently upon the topic, brainstorm, and align our beliefs. I would much rather have a smaller group than a larger one for these exact reasons–and it is much enjoyable. But not only was it enjoyable for the lack of students, but for the ideas that happened to flow, make sense of, and mingle. Our ideas regarding this topic are extremely similar, if not the same, so decision making for the two of us isn’t a huge deal–nor is it difficult. When we do find something opposite appealing–such as what our target audience would be, we often find a compromise–and have no altercation what-so-ever, as we are mature and respectful of one another. With this being said, there is no doubt in my mind that this behavior will continue and strive for the greatest.

In our group, we have discussed of the future, and who we need to look into to conduct our research–whom to delve in with, etc. We are, so far, very organized with our work, and have a mentor who has very well constructed, generated ideas with us as well. So, this preparation, as we had stated before in our small group, would likewise consist of freshening up on these websites and people who seem to appeal to us–and check out their pages for more information. Along with this, we should also, in our time away, understand that other sources often arise–and would be beneficial; so checking out those would also aid. With this fresh-studying process in mind, we would also be open to having the ability to take in information and dig deeper into the research to generate splendid ideas, as we must have an open and clear mindset for this to work efficiently. I’m sure, that when the time comes, we will do our very best to perform and converse fluently.


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