Oliver’s Improvement and Growth

I’ve definitely made a lot of progress with my Self-Direction and Communication skills. Notably, within the Managing Learning skill-set. For example, the first few months of our hangout calls were on an irregular schedule, but now every Monday night we get together and debrief all of our weekly work. Schedule interviews has become easier throughout the program, and I’ve developed more formal communication skills. These skills are really useful in the world and What’s the Story VT has helped me a lot with them. I’ve also improved considerably in my Responsible & Involved Citizenship skills where I have empathized with those concerned about the climate. Furthermore, within the Clear and Effective Communication category, I’ve improved on the storytelling skill a lot. Watching the presentations at our retreats and some documentaries I’ve refined what it means to me to tell a story. It’s been really exciting to have these abilities and moving forward it’s great to have this ability for English class and just sitting by the campfire. Between now and our April 4 Saturday Session, I will work on Skill 3.3: Purpose, Audience, & Organization. Currently I’ve placed myself in the 2 (Approaching) Criteria, because we have only began to outline the audience for our film. It’s a crucial component of the film and we have outlined it enough for the production of the film, but as we lead in to the editing stages, it’s highly important to maintain a consistent theme for our intended audience. Eventually, we will need to source and market our film which will definitely require us to define our audience further. I’m really excited to move forward through all of the upcoming stages of production, and I can’t wait to work more on the film.


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