on a brisk autumn weekend…

What are some of the highlights and struggles that you’ve experienced this weekend? This weekend was really fun; some of my highlights are getting to be better friends with some people, and the lava river activity (I think games like that really help to build a sense of community). Thankfully I didn’t have many struggles except for the computer that I was using wasn’t the best at staying connected to the internet.

What is the topic your team is focusing on? My team ( Farren and Jules and I ) are focusing on the topic of climate changes impact on Vermont winter recreation. So far it is going well, we all have winter sports to research about. I have already found a few great sites for alpine/ Nordic skiing (they are the sports that I am researching.

How are you and your team going to prepare for the November 23 overnight? I am going to work on researching about my topic. I will be figuring out what else to do as we get closer to the date and do the hangouts with my group. I also might try to figure out how to use the film equipment.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash


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