One Aloof, Stand Forever

I. The Maimed Harmonic

From within uncover’d yet restrained

Strains thee, the silent melody which shakes

The sullen trees. And it neither good fortune makes

Nor success, not civil that people look pained.

If I might gaze just once upon this maimed

Sight of harmonic intervals mock’d

By civility, by society lock’d

If you cease struggle and I do the same

But privilege past and acceptance with it

The fight moves ever onward, upward

But what can we do? Not sit

But rage and strain upward

When tables are turned, we shall see.


II. Blind Light

To fight a common fight as we do here

We cannot always live as kings do

And have sight, method, and sure means

Some who lost battles that we would call mere

As Phineus, who in an unforgiving world did seer

And blind, turned to darkness, and the blind light sees

What so many blind pupils have seen from quay

So far that in the shadows form leers

For King to come to people, his ship it must be

In his monarchly craft meet people of his

Thus takes off he the crown and hurls it to lee

“Before beginning  this must be” he says.


III. One, aloof, stand forever

“O, how could there be?” cries he, revolted,

Yet time strokes onward and so must he

As understanding grows and minds come free

One stands aloof, alone, insulted

Acceptance nigh, below the multitude

This one cries for them, for all, for me

For never, they say, shall we be truly free

Their back they turn, spurned by a cold heel cult.

And none venture after this one hungry ghost

One aloof, stands forever sentinel alone

Other return, at what a cost

Of one multitudinous Jabez Stones.





Theo Wells-Spackman

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