Our Adjustment :-)

Since the weekend where we, as our group, stayed overnight, we have had one phone call regarding our choices of what to proceed with next. When we discussed, we had each person in our group do something productive, beneficial, and specific to aid our further happenings. For example, I have the job of contacting people who may be valuable for research; educated individuals regarding the topic. With this being said, we’ve been rather well–but all of us have been very busy, so we haven’t had a bunch of time to get super specific. But this early in the game, I’m sure we’ve done a lot already–as we’ve made our decision about who does what.

We have accomplished the subtle specification of what everyone is responsible for for the time being. Our next steps would likewise be getting more specific with our research, gathering much more than we have, and looking for people or subjects that would deem well.

A question I am wondering about happens to be: is there a deadline for anything? Is there a specific date when we have to be done with a certain thing, or subject? Is there a point where all of us have to move in a direction together so no one lags behind? I’m talking about all the groups, though, not just mine.


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