Our Story This Weekend

My top highlights from the past weekend were being able to bond with my peers and make connections with each other. I also enjoyed meeting mentors and getting to know them better and meeting and working with my team on our topic. Some of my struggles and challenges over this weekend were deciding on a topic I feel passionate about. Another struggle was our group had a hard time deciding what change we want the audience to make.

Our groups topic is how climate change affects Vermont’s winter recreation. Our group has done a great job so far and we are very excited about our topic. We have a great idea and understanding of the story we want to tell. We still have a lot of work to do and we have a very structured plan to get it done. 

Our group has a lot of things to get done to prepare for our next retreat on November 23rd. We are going to complete most to all of the research we have to do to understand where to go what to do and how to do it. We will meet once a week on google hangouts to track each others progress and encourage and push each other. We will also start setting up and experimenting and discovering with our media kits. Excited for our next meet up!!


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