Overnight #2: Letter to Teachers

Dear teachers,

What’s the story is both an English class, a group of youth-led social action teams, and a filmmaking class. It combines communication skills, learning to adapt to different situations, producing and editing films, and many other skills. Through this program, students have to learn to work in a group cohesively and effectively, as well as solving problems and dividing work evenly. Students have to learn to work independently as well, teachers aren’t constantly at their side lecturing them, their instead supporting them by answering questions while at the same time hanging back and letting them work through things as a group. Students meet about every month or so to work together on their projects, which they chose, and continue to communicate through different platforms, like Slack, a group chat tool that can be used to share documents, links, and communicate about work. Also, they have to meet certain standards and access their learning throughout their project.

Grace Darrow

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