Overnight #2

What’s the story is a program for young people and ambitious young people. It is made to help young people or teenagers to express themselves in this world full of issues, problems, etc. The most interesting part of this program is how they show us that the fact of working with a team is very important, and that if you want to accomplish important things in the world, you should not just do it by yourself but with a team because a team work is always so special! My teachers recommended What’s the story to me because they thought I may be a good person for it and I may want to change something specific in my environment and in my every day life. Effectively, I came here at What’s the story and I met wonderful people, wonderful teenagers who are so ambitious and want to bring changes in their life. I felt so glad because I knew that together, we can do great things.

The goal is to localize a social issue that causes damage in people’s life, and find people that are going through those issues. It may be someone we know or people we don’t even know; people in the community or the country. Then we ask them to tell us their story, what their life has been or what their life is. Our role is to make documentaries by telling their story to other people in the country or in the world. By those documentaries we made, we try to bring help to people that may be in the same situation by awakening the consciousness of others.

This class is more than a simple class because it helps young people getting involved to things that are happening in today’s world and people that are affected by those things. We say more than what other people could say, because we are young and our voice is stronger than other people voices. By What’s the story, becoming an adult and an educator tomorrow will not be as it was yesterday, because we will all remember what we focused on and what we’ve learned, and that will avoid us making the same mistakes that other people of our age made. I am glad to earn an English credit in this class, but I am more than glad to learn what I will be learning, meet people that I will be meeting, doing things that I will be doing in What’s the story.

I am so excited to see what my team an I will end up doing. This year my team and I are working on a topic that I am very happy to work on and gain knowledge on. Our topic is “Foster Care”! I am pretty sure that by the end, we will be so amazed by the work we did in What’s the Story.

Bernice Kabengele

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