Overnight Retreat #2

Learning at What’s the Story doesn’t happen on your own. As our groups develop and our stories grow we start becoming our own class. What I’m learning from What’s the Story is that growth comes from the learner and the supporting system, the adults, that develops these interests. Nothing you learn here is straight from a book or on the internet. Our work centers around us gathering information, writing it down and building off that. We get face to face, one on one primary material that expands our range of thinking. We learn about real-world problems and introduce dynamic thinking to solve said problems. What’s the Story pushes our thinking outside the box like math, engages our argumentative skills like English, presents history through living stories, and offers us ways to build personal connections through learning.

What’s the Story is nothing like conventional schooling. The structure focuses on the student, allowing me to engage skills I’ve never known I’ve had. I can communicate complex ideas through text and speech. Share my work with others and learn from my peers through their experiences. I’ve learned more from talking to this group than going it alone in a conventional classroom.

Rex Ross

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