Positive Vibes from What’s the Story

The first highlight of my WTS experience is when I first walked in, and everyone was easygoing and polite. I felt like I would fit in from the beginning, even though I wasn’t so sure before. My second highlight was when we did the first writing prompt in out notebooks and I got to hear what everyone else said. I thought everyone had really interesting reactions, and it helped me get to know everyone. My third highlight is after the first weekly huddle when we finished the work and signed off, I knew I would miss my groupmates. We had a good time just chatting a little bit when we were finished.

I think my Affinity group has done well with the challenge. We didn’t miss any of our hangouts, and we got all of our work done efficiently. We did have a technological issue where one of the members of my group couldn’t get into the google hangout, but my groupmates did the troubleshooting quickly and she was able to participate using facetime. There was one time that one of my group members couldn’t make the hangout, but the other two of us were able to call each other and get the work done. I felt like we were all bringing in the same opinions, which makes it difficult to move forward.

I think WTS has been straightforward so far, so I don’t have many questions. One thing I am wondering is what we’re going to be doing on the weekend retreats. I’m also curious about how much of an impact these documentaries make. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

Ava Speers
I'm 14 years old, and I love music. Just the basics (;

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