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 Part 1: Describe the specific progress you’ve made this year with three skills (Self-Direction, Responsible & Involved Citizenship, and Clear & Effective Communication), focusing on one indicator (learning scale) from each.

This year in What’s The Story I have grown as a learner in the self direction target because I have been working with my team but also when we decide to do some of our work seperate like for example the transcripts of interviews I always make sure I meet the deadlines and do the task to make sure that I am contributing personality to the team and I make sure that I do the task and I problem solve when I have a question I push my thinking to push my own learning and stuff to the max. This experience so far has helped me with keeping up with work and so far I have become better at pushing myself and working as hard as I can to accomplish my goals and through the year I have gotten better at it. 

This year in What’s the story I have made progress on the involved citizenship I have been sharing more ideas as the year has gone on to help with the project and I have become more involved. In the beginning of the year and of my experience I was respecting others and other members of my team and I was reaching the “2” on my target but now that the year has gone on I have been working harder and with my team and I feel like I have reached a solid three. Because I am contributing to my team and I have been only taking action that promotes positivity so that I do not bring the team down, and to move the project forward and not hold it back. I think as the year goes on I will continue to do what I am doing but I Will try and make more progress on the scale I can achieve that by evaluating and seeing how much of an impact I am making on people and seeing different ways to makybe change their minds.

I think that this year in What’s The story I have advanced a little bit more on the Clear and effective communication target, I have made progress through the blog posts and the interviews because In the beginning of this experience I think that I have grown because in the beginning of the year I was able to communicate in Whats The Story in a way that was for my purpose and that could be for an audience, and now since I have been doing What’s The story for around a half a year I have become a lot more involved and I have been communicating ore about this subject and with my team.

Part 2: Identify and describe a specific skill / indicator that you will make progress with between now and our April 4 Saturday Session. Make clear precisely what you will do between now and April 4 to make this progress…and what, if any, support you need. 

I am going to try and make progress on the Slef Direction target, I will work on applying more of what I have learned to my life and I will try and teach others about the subject of animal rights and I will try and make different choices like I have been doing keeping animal rights in mind and whats right and whats wrong. I think If I continue I will make progress towards the 4 by April fourth.


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