#1: Where I Stand

I am here because I think as a group we can actively tackle issues facing Vermont. We can bring these issues to the forefront and find creative ways to tell the stories of those affected. Without us, there is no way to bridge the gap for these people and there is no outlet for them to get their story told. I am here because I think it is vitally important for every human to have their journey shared. As a group we need to get to the bottom of problems that Vermont might have and learn as much as we can about each issue. I am here because I feel my skill with technology and film can help benefit the overall goal for the group. I think everyone on the WTS team will bring their own set of skills and talents that will be critical to the success of the group.

Eli Rivers

One Response to “#1: Where I Stand

  • Laurie Hickey
    6 years ago

    Hi Eli,
    My name is Laurie and I will be reading your blog this fall. A little about me so it’s not as if an alien dropped from the sky to be your reader: I’m a teacher in Burlington. I teach middle schoolers- they are my people and I celebrate their starts and stops as they negotiate awkward years. In the rest of my life you’ll find me with friends and family.

    The part of your first blog that resonates most is “every human to have their journey shared.” If this is your strategy during this project it seems you will create compelling stories. You will put the person’s story first – which will make it powerful. If your skill is in film and technology, I wonder what kind of people will help to make a good team for you. What skills will you be looking for in group members?
    I also wonder how we can approach our subjects of stories and respect that we may have the mechanisms to tell the story, but our subjects have the power because they are living the story. How does that impact our work in this project?


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