Questions and possible interviewees

The following are people that my group may want to interview:

  1. Senators Bray and Ayers. They are involved in creating legislation and could be helpful in giving our group information about the work that the legislature is doing to minimize the pollution in Lake Champlain.
  2. Addison County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC). They have been involved in the issues related to lake pollution and regional development.
  3. Governor-elect Phil Scott, or a member of his cabinet, could inform us of his plans for the future of lake cleanup.

Here are a few potential questions that I think should be used in my group’s interview:

  1. What legislation is being put in place to stop lake pollution, and is it really working?
  2. What is the work that is most likely going to succeed in the near future?
  3. What can we learn from other states who are also battling lake pollution?
Zachariah Burrows

One Response to “Questions and possible interviewees

  • Zachariah,

    I do think that locating people within your locality is important, great job identifying senators and organizations in your/our area. Bryce seems to have access to people and places in Chittenden County, and Addison County is rich with resources too. Your questions seem spot on as well. The next challenge for the group is to consider how to follow through with the people and questions.

    I am not able to make it to the retreat this upcoming weekend, so let me know where the group stands and we can hangout the weekend of December 10th.


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