Quick update

These past two weeks I’ve been focused on getting our website back up and running. The goal is for it to be a resource for parents, students, and administrators who want to learn more about gender identity and how they can play a positive part in others lives. I’m working on writing articles for the parent section currently, as well as fixing all the lose ends in the other sections.

Yesterday I sent an email to the group with a plan for the next few weeks. I think it’s really important to stay focused on our goals, because before we know it we’ll be at the next retreat. I know I am a huge procrastinator, but I’m working on devoting more time to just WTS. I’m finding it really helpful to refer to the plan I wrote because it means I have a clear list of things I need to do, and I can chose one to work on instead of just floundering through the WTS void. After I finish this blog post I’ll be updating the weekly goal check-in sheet and solidifying a time to work on the script with Grace.

If other important things come up, I may make another blog post.

Fiona Nelson

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