Reaching out to Possible Interviewees

This week my team and I were reaching out to 2-3 people that we were interested in hearing their information about our topic. I contacted two people this week Judy Scott (former director of the Vermont refugee resettlement program) and Sara Raabe (the Winooski principal).

I was interested in talking to Judy because, I thought she would have some information about how new Americans handle the change to a different country and to a state like Vermont. Which is not super diverse in the first place. When I contacted her she told me she was up for a possible interview and that she did have experience with that. She also mentioned the ELL VPR coordinator, which might be an interesting person to talk to. Also she offered to introduce us with a public school liaison, which is perfect!

I contacted Sara because I have meet her before and new that she was the Winooski principle. Through my recent research I have found out that Winooski is a very diverse school in Vermont and has good programs in place for ELL students. I was hoping that we could learn more about that through her. Like Judy, when I talked to Sara she said she would be willing to have an interview. Also to get us in contact with others, like some students and teachers. I think that will be a great opportunity for my team because like Sara mentioned it is a k-12, it will be have a large range of ages and perspectives.

I can’t wait to go to the retreat, and see how much work we will be able to accomplish together!

Petra Kapsalis

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