Reflection of a Month

Hello! Miles here. I have been tasked to talk about a few things on this lovely day. So, let’s get started, shall we? Well, the first topic is the teamwork phase that we’ve been in. Personally, I think my team did rather well, considering the circumstances. We met as a full team once and had a great discussion. Unfortunately, we could not meet all together the second time since complications arose. But, we made the best of those issues and combined our notes on the note document nevertheless, so there still was a sort of conversation occurring, although not in the easiest medium (at least for me). I did not really find this experience too different from last year’s similar phase; of course, the new people in my group made for a different experience, but the videos watched were similar and the general experience felt the same. All in all, the video group portion of the year did feel rather successful to me.

Next, I believe the topic is stuff that I learned from the videos that we watched. My takeaways, in regards to filmmaking at least, were a.) you should keep documentaries personal and relatable by choosing shots wisely and b.) that the best way to make people feel emotions is by telling stories. The last prompt was about what I’m looking forwards to in the coming year of WtS. Personally, I just can’t wait to get going with the documentaries! I absolutely love the experience of making a film with this program. Aside from that, I’m excited to get to know the rest of the WtS members this year. Thank you all for existing and I am thrilled to get to know you better! Anyways, that’s all from me. This is Miles signing off. See you soon (or later, who knows!)

Miles Ellis Novotny

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