Renewed Research on Woman Power!

These weeks have brought on lots of research, engagement and excitement. When I approached my research I did it with  an open mind. I started with just my topic of interest, Women/Girls, empowerment, layers, and discrimination. To start off my research on this topic I did preliminary research that involved reading articles and watching videos on my topic of interest. Once that was complete, I moved on to writing out the key points of my research. For me this was talking about parts of Women’s Empowerment such as the woman supporting woman movement on social media, I looked into discrimination in the forms of both workplace, Tampon Tax and Pink Tax. Finally, I looked into the idea of a layer of women, this is because women can be women of color, latino, and all come from layers of backgrounds. From this point in my research I went into my interviews or conversations, I talked with some family members and family friends in a variety of age categories to get an idea on their views and, without any prejudice of my own I took note of key points or ideas that came up. Then, I took key phrases and did research on them, some terms that came up where “Pink Tax, “ “Multi Sectional” and “Workplace prejudice” with these terms I dug even deeper into these topics pulling out graphics and/or quotes that gave more information! Using this way of researching I think I kept an open-mind and was able to learn a lot!

I think my most interesting findings were the #womansupportingwoman posts and the graphics. These gave a lot of insight into the world of supporting women and the community women have created to support one and other. From these posts I was able to determine and learn about stories these women have gone through. In the captions of these posts I was able to learn even more about the stories of women all over America, and the world.  I heard stories of bravery, and kindness that have led me to become even more interested in this topic. The other kind of research that I found the most interesting was the graphics, as a strong visual learner, the graphics gave me a lot of insight on the different pieces that all make up women’s rights. 

I think the main conflict that needs to be addressed in the discrimination of women in the past and the evolution of women’s rights to where they are today. I think we could pull in the ideas of women supporting each other, rallies such as the pink hat march, and more monumental moments in the evolution of women’s rights. I think the main character, or potential interviews are women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and races that can help to show the viewer a full picture of a woman. Woman who can all fight for each other and work together to pave the way for their youth. By using the people most impacted by this issue we can get a very heartfelt message that can get across to the reader. The main characters involved are woman, their mother, and grandmother because they are the ones who are going and are being impacted by discrimination.

I think I can approach this topic in a new way by focusing more on the advancement of women’s rights through movements, media and marches. By using this approach I can show women’s rights not through a typical line of important people but instead the empowerment and impact of a lot of people. I can also use graphics and action figures to portray the stories that my interviewees have stated, this will give the viewer insight into the moments without having to personally reenact a discriminatory moment. Finally using graphics like this will help to make our film unique and using a shot of our interviewees standing somewhere important to them will help to make the film dramatic, personal, and it will help you get background and develop the main characters.

  • Some key questions to this topic that still need to be answered and could be given more insight on are:
    • Have you ever faced discrimination, negative prejudice, or some sort of negative influence from people, because you are a woman, how did this make you feel?
    • Do you think unfairness to women is impacted by or can impact social justice issues such as race discrimination, what has lead you to believe this?
    • Do you think the woman support system is helpful to keep women empowered to succeed, why or why not?
    • Do you think women in politics are supported by the general population, why or why not?
    • Do you think all women have to fight through the same barriers of trust and acceptance or is it different based on race and ethnicity?

I am very enthusiastic about this topic, as I have been for years. This summer I worked with an organization called Experiment Digital to create an outreach program to help women in Vermont, so this topic is very important to me. I have been working to help girls in my community for years and I think making this film would be a great way to spread the impact further. Finally, I have grown up in a family with four generations of strong woman role models and for that reason empowering women around me has always been important to me. I am open to considering another topic but, I really like this one and I know that it is very important. This topic is one I have been passionate about for years and I would love to make a documentary on it. However, I understand any inconveniences and am open to rethink my ideas to align with others if necessary.  In the end, I am very excited to be a part of What’s the Story and I am excited for whatever comes!

Collage made by me on Collage Maker, and pictures were found all on Google

Farren Stainton

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