Research and Communication Disorientation

These weeks following our overnight have been extremely challenging, and have provided many hurdles for our group. First, our group has been having a lot of trouble in the communication department. Our group hangout has not been working very effectively, somehow Eric’s email was not added to the chat, we are having trouble contacting him. We also are having trouble finding a time to chat because we have been busy and finding a time that works for all of us has been hard. Also, without seeing one another at all it can be hard to have anyone responding to our meeting requests have been hard because we cannot just talk to one and other. Finally, it can be hard for our group to communicate because, if one of us cannot make it to a meeting everyone else tries to find another time to meet so, everyone has the ability to understand what we are doing. However, this can cause confusion because people may not know when we are meeting and why other meeting got canceled. Even though the weeks that have passed since our overnight has been challenging, we have also had many exciting and interesting moments.

Our group has had a lot of fun times and interesting realizations since we last met. First, we have learned that we work best with structured research questions for us each to answer, this helps many of us learn about specific questions that we are happy and excited to learn about! Second, we as a team have noticed how we can not just rely on graphs we have to infer things to learn more about our topic. To understand the graph we need to process to learn about Vermont winter weather patterns, we must learn how to understand many different kinds of graphs. Learning to understand these things has been an enriching and fun experience. We also, as a group learned the best ways to communicate with one and other. This is important because it shows that we can now communicate in a way that is effective for everyone, so they can learn in the best way possible for them. Finally, we as a group have learned how to learn how to research cohesively this means that we understand how we can research in a way that benefits the group. Even as a larger group, we have found lots of fun in our work so far, we have also accomplished many things!

As a group we have started to understand how to effectively communicate and work with one and other. We have also found a way to communicate above and beyond standards that we can do if we have time or, if the time in right. For example, if we start to get winter conditions we can take some extra B-roll. We have also found a way to convey excitement to our group, like talking about all kinds of B-roll we want in anticipation of getting our cameras. Furthermore, we have started to work on specific research so we can have evidence to guide us when we start finding people to interview. In the future, we are planning to continue our in depth research, and discuss our opinions. So, we can have a better understanding of our small portion of the large topic of climate change, through seeing others opinions. We also will get to learn more about how to work the best with one another as we continue to discuss our work and explore our complex topic. Even though the weeks after this retreat have been extremely informative, however, I still have a few questions.

One of the main questions I have about WTS is how do we get others to watch our documentaries so we can actually make a difference? We would not do all of this work for absolutely no reason and to not make an impact, so how do we show other people our documentaries?  The other main question I have is how to work the camera equipment because I am super excited to learn more about how the equipment works and filming. However, I know we will get to this at our next overnight.  

Farren Stainton

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