Researching progress

  1. During this research phase of WTS VT, what are some of the most important findings you and your teammates have made so far about your topic? Where did that information or ideas come from and how did it change your thinking? 

During the research phase my group and I have found three different organizations that we have been trying to get in contact with so that in the future we can set up an interview for the later steps of the documentary we have gotten in touch with the Vermot humane federation and I have reached out to green mountain defenders but they have not responded yet. We have decided to go from the angel of the organizations and to show what progress and what people are doing so far to improve/fix the problem of animal cruelty. We have not really changed our thinking about the subject yet but as we keep researching we might find different stuff. The information that we have found so far has been from researching different places that help out with animal rights and we will keep researching more on the subject of animal rights and cruelty. I think that the most important finding was finding the resources/ people/organization.  

  1. What kind of information or characters does your team still need to find, and what’s your plan for finding what you need?

I think that my team (Samara, and Bob) needs to find more sources and keep researching the subject so that we have more background knowledge on what we are making a documentary on and who we need to reach out to. I think that we should be looking for more sources and for more people to ask questions because if one of the organizations do not respond then we will only have one or two people to talk to so I feel like after researching more we can find out more about the subject and fins more people to reach out to. But we are on the right track and I feel like we will have a lot of success if we keep doing what we are and keep contacting people. 

  1. What are your most pressing questions or concerns?  (Feel free to include these in your blog post or email them directly to if that feels like a better fit.)

I do not have any pressing questions at this time.

In conclusion I think that so far my group has been doing well and we have our meeting once a week and I think that we have been working well by researching and contacting different people and I think that we will start to take B-roll soon of different farms so that we do not have a lot of talking heads and so the documentary is interesting and engaging.


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