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The “What’s the Story” experience for me so far has been a lot of fun and has taught me so much. We have been researching possible documentary topics and we finally thought of one which is focusing on Animal Rights Organizations and Animal Sanctuaries. A couple of interesting things that I have found are these different organizations that are focusing on animal cruelty and animal rights laws in New England. One important piece that we found, which was a shocking story was about a man who killed 10 bears (including babies) to keep them from eating his crops. We looked deeper into this and found out there is a law where you can kill any animals that are eating your crops or disturbing your farm. There were no regulations about it. This was quite surprising to me, as Vermont is a big farming state the regulations of killing any animals should be different. Another important thing that we found is that there are these farm animal sanctuaries that will save these animals from farms or from farms where they are about to be slaughtered. I found this quite interesting about how I never heard of anything like that before so I thought it was interesting to hear that there are groups that care and there are places that will help. 

I think that what we need to start to think about are the interviews and who we are going to be interviewing. I feel like we haven’t been able to really look deep into the founders of these organizations or the important people. I feel like we’ve done quite a bit with looking into the organizations and finding other possible places and people we could interview but now we should start to put it together. I think that starting to think about how the interviews are going to be and how we are going to set them up is our next step. I feel like as we go on we are going to find a lot more information as we interview people so that research is going to continue. But overall I feel like we are in a good position and we are going to be pretty successful for the next couple of weeks. I feel like I don’t have any questions yet. I am really starting to understand “What’s the Story” a lot more and I know what I need to do and what we are going to be doing for the next couple of weeks.

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