We have been researching for quite some time now–gathering suitable information to aid us in our journey of creating our documentary. The information is extremely useful, and is all beneficial, but one chunk of research I found most interesting happened to be one of the ones that I found out–which also happened to be rooted from Emily Rinkema at CVU–when she responded to my questions the other day. These questions, summed up, were very relevant to the actual topic we’re stemming off from–LGBT mental health, and how to increase closure around stability surrounding that, as there seems to be a lack of help with, in this case, students, who are struggling with their sexuality or gender expression. But one of the answers provided was that the GSA group was actually started in 2000–and is basically completely anonymous. I found this super intriguing, because I kind of thought that there was some expression of sexuality or identified gender–but I can totally see where that would make sense! Also, the timing for the start is great! I’m glad they’ve been working to make people comfortable for so long.

Our group has gathered a good, little bit of information already, even since the last meeting. This paved a lot already–and I’m positive we’ll find even more information as we progress. But, more specifically, we definitely need statistics, and general information about how the impact of sexuality or gender expression can affect an individual–and how the lack of comfort surrounding how they feel can also take a toll on their mental health. Basically, just super general things.

I think a couple of my most pressing questions is: is there a certain due date, or do we work at our own pace? As well as that, when will we begin to interview people? And what deems that we’re ready to?


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