Retelling the Story of the Weekend

Over the past two days, I have had a lot of fun and I am really excited to start creating a documentary. There were many Highlights and only a couple of struggles. I will start and share a couple of highlights that I had. The main one was exploring with Greta and a few other people at night. We went to places we had no idea where here, and we almost got lost. It was a lot of fun and I feel like I created stronger connections with the people I went with. Another highlight was creating our team, I am with Greta and we are focusing on Animal Rights. I am really excited to work with her and with Bob as our mentor. We started to dig in and research on potential topics and subtopics for our film. One last main highlight from this week is creating a stronger connection with everyone here. I feel like I have gotten a lot closer and I am starting to become close with a lot of them. I have had a lot of fun this weekend and I am really excited to dive in. 

Even though this weekend was a lot of fun overall there were a few things that got in the way. For example, it was a challenge picking one topic to stick with, I was deciding between three main ones, which were, Animal Rights, Climate Change, and Racial Equality. I decided to go with Animal Rights because Greta and I were the only ones very interested, also over half of the group is doing climate change so I wanted to try something new. Another struggle that I had was figuring out the overall goal and coming up with a plan for the next couple of months. We still haven’t decided on the overall goal, but we have many ideas so I think that once we all agree on something then we will be in good shape. Relating to this was my last struggle. I feel like we had a hard time finding a lot of information and research that could help us and it was hard for us to research when we don’t know what we are reaching towards. Overall this weekend went very well and was a lot of fun.

The topic that I am focusing on is Animal Rights, for a rough draft of the overall goal is to research about the treatment of animals on farms in Vermont. The people in my group are only Greta with Bob as our mentor. We dug up and found some pretty interesting stuff that could help us further down the road. I really enjoy working with a small group because it is easier to work together and it is enjoyable because I create stronger connections with a small group. Also, we can always agree with each other. Also the research that we have been doing has been a lot of fun and it has already taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know, for example, the Bushway Packaging Slaughterhouse was shut down for breaking the law and abusing animals unethically but then was suppose to re-open with a new name, but we couldn’t find any information about the re-open or even if it did. So I thought that that was really interesting and we could find more about it. One question that I have is what will we do with our film? Where are possible places that we could put it and what will happen to our film? Even with my sister doing this I never really knew what happened to her film and where it went. So I need a little bit of clarity on that. 

I am going to end with me, Greta and Bob’s plan for the course of the next month. We are going to continue to research then have a google hangout on Wednesday at 5 pm and talk about the research that we discovered and places and people that could be potential interviewers. Tim also sent us a couple of videos that are related to our topic and we are going to watch then and then maybe talk about them at the hangout. I feel like we are heading in a good direction and we are all set and ready for the next overnight.  I also feel like we have already made a lot of progress and this will be a lot of fun to create and produce with my team. But in conclusion, I thought that this weekend was a lot of fun and I am ready to dive in and start the next chapter with our documentary.


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