Retreat Reflection- #7

This weekend gave me the chance to reflect, refine, and connect with my cohort members. While transitioning from I-search to we search I became more excited about looking into the food industry and climate change. Mary and I came up with this simile that gives a possible explanation about progress so far: Our team is like a wave. We get super zoomed into an idea as it approaches the shore, then get off track and go back out to sea. To find other opportunities and reasons to support our question of What it the future of farming in Vermont?


The first steps of putting our ideas together was super easy to reach conclusions and compromise while also pushing the envelope. Since we are both very organized and driven. Allowing our story chasing plan to develop multiple questions that we hope to reach answers to. But also open to the possibility that something different might come up within the next four weeks.  


The food industry is a huge topic within Vermont with local farms and pastures located all around the state. The future is up for debate. Due to possible economic issues, climate change, and the ability to adapt to social needs. We hope to look into the past while also asking pressing questions that could affect the future.


Moving forward between now and December is looking promising while we begin to chase the story. With weekly check-ins over various platforms. We also are beginning to form a concise yet somehow complex plan moving forward. Of who we need to connect within our communities. Research that needs to be done, and questions we want to dive deeper into understanding.


The next four weeks are going to be challenged (in a good way). As we let go of goals for ourselves and turn to goals for our groups. For my group of two we are might have to put more work in just to reach a level of further understanding and gaining contacts within the community. Overall this weekend has been a huge learning curve for me.


Even though it’s too early to tell where this topic is going to take us. I have a good feeling that the food industry has huge potential for Mary and I. Since we are open to the research and interviews guiding us. With a fire that has been lit underuse to keep us interested and looking for more. Leading us to endless opportunities and possibilities.

Meredith Gove

3 Responses to “Retreat Reflection- #7

  • dixie goswami
    4 years ago

    “Moving forward between now and December is looking promising while we begin to chase the story.”

    It’s exciting (and humbling) to read that your team is moving forward – beginning to chase the story.


  • Sandra Brown
    4 years ago

    Meredith, while I happen to live in South Florida which is a large metropolis, with concrete buildings and yes, a few farms, my community is no where as rich an agricultural space as is yours. Yet we do have one big thing in common where farming is concerned…we both know about its importance, we both rely heavily on farmers to bring food to our table, and I like you do care about preserving farms (because it provides food for sustenance, and a living for many people). I can’t wait to see where your team’s research takes you both.

  • Brian G Ricca
    4 years ago

    “Our team is like a wave”

    What a wonderful image for a story about farming and food in Vermont. I love the sound of the ocean, I love the consistency of the ocean, I love the presence of the ocean.

    I’m excited to see where this wave goes in the coming weeks. I’m proud that you’re taking on this issue in the context of your past three visual posts, the notion of interconnectedness, the reality of the human connections in our world.

    Bring on the wave!

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