reflection on the whats the story experience.

Weekly huddles and reflection-Greta

What are two or three highlights from your wts experience?

-So far the experience of what’s the story has been good because I am learning a little more about what the program is. I think that it is cool to meet people from different places in Vermont that I would not know of otherwise. It has been good doing the weekly meetings because it holds me accountable for doing the work but also it is nice to hear other opinions on the prompt or video. I think that the experience will make me grow as a person because this program is not like anything I have ever done and I think I will grow.

How have you and your Affinity Group mates been doing with the Three Week Affinity Group Challenge?

-I think that my affinity group has been doing well with the three week challenge because we all are on hangouts at the right time and everyone is prepared to share there opinions and noticing. I also think that we all have been sharing our ideas and everyone gets to talk about each question. One example would be when we were responding to the prompt of the tattoo artist and we all said what we thought about the different questions and we mostly agreed on everything so then we tried to come up with different ideas. I think that we are doing well but a lot of the time we come with the same ideas ad thoughts but we are still doing very well. We have grown with putting our notes on the doc and we have come more descriptive.

what are your questions about wts so far?

-I do not have many questions for what’s the story I am just really excited to see all the cool things we get to do over the year and I am excited to try and make a change in my community with the final product of a documentary. I have one question though I was wondering when we will get the groups for the actual documentary. Will they be the affinity groups or different or is it by yourself.

In conclusion I think that whats the story is interesting so far and I am very excited to continue on and start to work with our actual cause. Also I am very excited to carry on this year because I want to learn about an issue and have a little bit of an impacted on the issue.


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