Samara’s fight for racial equality

Hello, my name is Samara Ashooh. I am an 8th grader that attends the Shelburne Community School. One memorable detail about me is that I recently traveled to Alaska and went on a backpacking trip in Denali National Park, where I saw a grizzly bear with two cubs, lots of moose and caribou, and a porcupine.

I think that the Affinity Groups that have been chosen are all topics that I feel passionate about. I think that these topics hit on many of the issues and challenges that our society is struggling with today. These groups will be able to confront powerful topics with rich histories that we as a society still need to deal with and that will have an impact on our lives for years to come. The Groups that have been chosen will kick off some incredible and powerful conversations that will be eye opening to everyone.

I am most interested in the second group, which is Racism in Vermont. I am really excited to not only learn more about racism in our state and country, but to also show more awareness and sensitivity towards acts of racism against others. Racism is a topic that I have interested in for a long time. It is a topic that has been effecting our society for years and is difficult and painful to think about. The group topic was focused on Vermont, but I was hoping to expand that and to learn about racism in our whole country. Even though there are hundreds and hundreds of different events in our country that are related to racism, I want to focus on the main topics and also the most powerful, unknown topics, past and present.

I feel like what I bring to the team is leadership, I also love being involved and passionate about projects. I think that this is something that can be really handy when working as a group. Something I can work on is my tendency to get distracted from time to time, so I might need some help staying on topic. Because of the passionate and important topics we will be working on in WTS, I think it will be easier to stay committed and dedicated to the topic.

In conclusion, I am very excited to work with everyone and people in our community. I also am very excited to be part of this team and to create relationships with everyone here.


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  • really liked your post!
    I think it’s cool how you saw a grizzly bear.
    It’ll be fun to meet you.

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