Say of The Students / Progress Report

This and last week have been very productive. This week, I am working on getting all of my student interviews done. Just yesterday I got 12 interviews, and i’m going to be continuing with this throughout the week. So far, my student interviews have been going great. There will definitely be some that I won’t use in my film due to their answers not being relevant to the message i’m trying to get across, but the vast majority of the students i’ve interviewed have said the exact thing that i’ve been hearing when I ask basically everyone this question, which was “What is the purpose of high school?”.

Other things I have accomplished:

  • Sent e-mail to my (CVU’s) principal Adam Bunting requesting an interview, and suggestions for other principals in the area that would be a good fit for my questions
  • Sent the final draft of my letter to the Agency of Education to my mentor for revisions
  • Talked to family about setting me up with an interview with the CEO of after winter break, and then getting some b-roll of the building
  • Talked to family about other innovative business leaders I can interview and have started to get into contact

I am hoping that throughout my interviews with different principals I will be able to get some information on what is already available in our community, as well as what could potentially be available, if enough students pushed for it. I’m excited to book these interviews and find out.

In my letter to the A.O.E i’m asking something along the lines of what options students have if their school doesn’t provide them with any access to alternative learning.

During my interviews with innovative business leaders, I am hoping to get some information regarding the skills that they think are most important when hiring, and then move into if those skills are taught properly in schools today.

I feel that this is coming together better than I expected. I am hopeful that my student interviews continue to be successful this week, and I hope to hear back from the people I have contacted so I can continue to move along with this project.


Maddie Parker

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