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These first weeks of What’s the Story have already taught me so much! Not only did I get to learn more about how the program will be run this year through zoom but, I also got to start working together with my peers! The first day of What’s the Story was definitely different than an in-person meeting but I felt like I got to connect with so many people and got to learn about them! I also got to start working with my first group of peers to evaluate films! I also got to work with synchronous meetings; What’s the Story has brought on a new set of challenges, scheduling. For my group the first week went very smoothly! We met on Saturday and talked about each question in depth so we could all hear each other’s opinion! We were all also able to make it to the scheduled meeting, this meant that we could all hear each other in real time and got to have a meaningful conversation. However, week 2 did not go as smoothly. By week 2 a lot of the people in my group were busy with sports and had more school work, this led to more conflictions. Multiple people were not able to attend our week 2 zoom, so we changed our plans. We used our Running Notes document to paste our ideas and have an asynchronous discussion. Even though this experience was not the same as our zoom meeting it is very nice to have a second plan and we were able to learn about each other’s opinion! Overall, I think the first weeks of What’s the Story have gone really well and I have learned a lot!

Some techniques that I think stood out to me in the film are to make your film relatable, make it engaging, and use sensory shots. First, I think that by making a film relatable it makes it more memorable; this is because if a person sees something they can empathize with in a film they think of the film relating to them and hold it closer to their heart. This particular tactic was used in the video “Schools for Change” which showed the jobs and houses, the students and their families lived in, these clips made you empathize with them and for some people made the film relatable. Second, I think making an engaging film because if people don’t find your film engaging then, people will zone out and not pay attention to your film meaning that they didn’t even take in what your film is about, I think you can do this by using engaging music, shocking graphics, and informative pictures.This particular technique was used in the “Beneath the Ink” video by showing the shocking transformation when a tattoo is covered up.  Finally, I think using sensory shots like the ocean scenes in “Denali” are important because they give a sense of darkness, and drama that can be achieved using relatable scenes to make people feel. I might apply these choices to the topic I am interested in (Women’s Rights) by using relatable information by talking about just how important women are and how much of the world they have helped to develop into what it is today. I think this will give the person watching a clear picture of why women are important to human evolution and therefore why women’s rights are important too. I can use shocking details about extra expenses for women to shock people, this will make the film more engaging! I can also use social media posts both against women’s rights and for them that show the battle women have had to right for their human rights. Finally, I can involve sensory shots by having winter trees to show just how sad and important women’s rights are. I think these will all help to enrich my film and make it better. 

I am looking forward to the entire rest of What’s the Story from, picking my final topic, figuring out my documentary group and, helping my peers to exceed along the way! I am very excited for the entire filming and editing process! I think that this year is going to be so much fun, and I will learn so much from doing this program again! I am very excited to see how this year plays out and I hope that this year is full of fun adventures, challenges, and learning new things. As for questions, I am wondering if we are going to get together in person anytime this year even if it is the film debut; other than that, I am SUPER excited to start!

Farren Stainton

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