School Credit Worthy

The time I’ve spent here at What’s the Story? has been so incredibly enlightening and beneficial that I really believe that we should get a credit for it.

Not only has it been tons of fun, but I’ve been exposed to topics and issues schools don’t always cover in depth the way WTS does. It also exposes you to different kinds of people than just the same classmates we’re stuck with for eight hours. It’s welcoming and comfortable, but we still get tons of work done. It’s not easy to give up your weekend for something like this. We get to talk about the issues we see around us, which we do in schools too sometimes, but in WTS we get to help fix it. We are taught different things than just academic skills. We are taught life skills; how to be tolerant, how to except and welcome knew kinds of people into our lives, how to deal with change, how to be comfortable in a group of people. I, myself, have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking to new people and with practice comes confidence, and WTS gives me that practice. It may not be as controlled as a classroom, but the wiggle room we are given allows us to grow and expand. It teaches us time management, how to work together in a group, and how to spot our faults and to make up for them as well as helping others when they need it. WTS is wonderful and teaches you skills that school sometimes can’t teach. With all of the wonderful benefits of WTS, its downfall is that we sometimes miss school for such an educational and enlightening experience. This, in turn, can make a student behind on work and lower their grade. With such a negative response for such a positive experience, students deserve something to make up for all their hard work, such as a credit. This is why I believe students deserve a credit when they sign up for What’s the Story?

Melaina Bassette

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