Sculpting Our Story

The past two days have been more reassuring than anything. I came in on Saturday feeling a little bit worried about our actual progress on our goals. I know now that we have multiple stories lined up and we will hopefully have a bunch of interviews done by the next time we meet. For me, seeing the stories and talking about them with my teammates helped me create a more refined narrative arc than I had before. I feel really confident that we are going to have a really engaging piece of film that will be richly informative and a great tool for change making. Last year, we really got to focus in on the logic side of the issue but this year we are definitely pulling on our audience’s empathy to create change.

I’m feeling quite relaxed, here at the end of the second weekend retreat. I think that because personal stories are such a driving force behind our entire documentary, I don’t have to work as much on sculpting the story. But, that’s not to say I don’t have my work cut out for me! I just see where all of these personal narratives intersect, and it’s looking like a really sweet combination of experiences and characters to create a really powerful piece.

Eva Rocheleau

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