Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Stranger

In the past week I came up with questions that my group and I could use in our interviews, talked to a teacher in our high school about ELL’s and lastly I talked to some of my friends about cultural communication and ELL’s.



  • What adjustments do you think Vermont’s education system has made for ELL’s?
  • Have you ever participated in intercultural/cross-cultural communication?
  • Do you think teaching students how to cross-culturally interact with other students should be a component in Vermont’s  education system?
  • Is it an expectation or is it encouraged for Vermont students to interact with ELL’s?
  • Are ELL’s in  segregated classrooms in Vermont schools?
  • What happens if an ELL  doesn’t want to assimilate into Vermont culture?
  • How could Vermont make ELL’s feel culturally accepted?
  • What school districts in Vermont handle ELL’s most effectively?


Erin Fishell

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