Self Reflection on Self Direction 1.1 & 1.2

1.1 Self-Direction: Identify and Pursue Questions.
I believe that I got a 3 for the 1.1 Self Direction target. The first part of the target reads “I can present my findings in a pitch to my course mates, describing the essentials of the story / issue and why it merits being selected as one of the stories we pursue together in teams.” Through my Flipgrid video, I presented and pitched my research, highlighted who it affects, how it affects them, and why it matters. I believe I completely showed the importance of my issue and why other’s should be interested in it. The second part of the target reads “I can contribute to a consensus-seeking process to determine which stories / issues we will pursue this year and which story / issue I will commit to.” I believe I met this target when I engaged in the group seeking process last night. Throughout the process I helped determine the direction our group wanted to take, and have continued to since.

1.2 Self Direction: Managing Learning
I am committed to achieving a 3 for this target in the upcoming month. The target reads ” I can manage my learning in a blended-learning environment, using tools and resources to check upcoming deadlines, meet these deadlines, and pose questions / seek support when / if I get stuck.” I will do this by using connections to provide resources for my group, completing tasks to help research for my group, and ask questions to further are research and resources which we can contact

Evan McMahan

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