Self Reflection on Self Direction

After reviewing the learning scale for “identifying and pursuing questions”, I would say that I am in the “Got It” category. Through my video, I showed that I can display my research and ideas in an informative way and through my blog posts, I explored the reasons why climate change is an issue that needs to be dealt with on the local level first. As we started determining groups last night, the conversations we had were very constructive and everyone in the group was able to build off of each other’s ideas.

Although the issue that I was researching was a topic that I didn’t necessarily want to dive into completely, I have found a good mix between my topic and the topics of 3 other students who are very passionate about climate change awareness. I think that together, we all agreed on a plan of action that is very realistic and we can all commit to being a part of. I would say that I took a very active role in helping form and deciding what exactly our group was going to do.

As for the learning scale for “managing learning”, I think that I will fall into the “Got It” section because I predict that I will work successfully in my group and together we will all communicate on a planned schedule. I personally have always been successful at meeting deadlines and it seems that the rest of my group feels the same way so I don’t think there will be any problems there. As for asking questions and help when needed, I know personally that I am always curious and passionate about this topic we are diving into and never shy away from asking questions. Any time I had a question or felt stuck since the kick off day of What’s The Story, I have reached out to Ms. Donovan, Bill, Tim, and any other resource that was available to me and it has only helped me to be successful. I forecast that myself and the rest of my group will continue to take advantage of the resources and connections available to us. Overall, I think that has been a really productive and necessary weekend and I see nothing but great things for my group as we continue on this exploration.

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  • Diane Bahrenburg
    4 years ago

    Several things struck me: you chose a realistic, manageable goal. As you move forward on this project you will be thanking yourselves. You and your partners share a common interest which should stoke the synergy in your group. You build off each others’ ideas; that sounds dynamic. Other than meeting deadlines and asking questions, how do you see yourself working successfully in your group? Everyone brings different skills to a group. What will you bring?

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