#2: A quick glance at my topic

I have no idea.  In my application I was leaning toward drugs and how they have been affecting my community.  As I keep thinking about what to write and what my topic should be I am more and more stumped.  Over the years, there has been a drug problem in Hardwick and all around us that has been growing.  We have a group at our school who are the so called ‘Pot heads’ and we have people in the community who deal anything from marijuana to heroin.

Sidney Carr

One Response to “#2: A quick glance at my topic

  • Sidney,

    I was the mentor-teacher sitting next to you on Friday at MC. As I said during my introduction, I teach social studies at Middlebury Union High School. I think it is super to be undecided about what topic to explore. As you continue to reflect on what to present in November, the pressing problems that face your world will emerge. I believe that you cited drug addiction in your community as a topic of possible interest. This might be something to explore as it is directly connected Hardwick and your life. Once you begin to work tirelessly on a topic you will develop passion through the knowledge and expertise you gain, just like you did with skiing!

    Let me know when and if I can be of assistance!


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