Skills 1.1 and 1.2

In the development of my group’s project there has been a complex exploration of the questions we need to identify and answer to give our work depth and purpose. Hence, I have had to evolve my thinking throughout the birth of our group. It’s hard to identify myself on the scale because everything has been so collaborative but I think I’m around a 3.5-4 in 1.1 because of my contributions when we were evaluating our final product. We initially thought our sole purpose would be to raise awareness but I pushed our questioning on whether that would fulfill the goal of creating change, leading to our decision to create a documentary that both informs its viewers and shows them what steps they can take to make a difference.

I think I will do really well with 1.2 because I’m so thrilled to learn more. I also know that all activist circles are very connected to each other so I think that as I begin my research I will inevitably stumble upon new and exciting resources that will bring a new dimension to my work. I’m looking forward to finding new ways to gather information and share it with the rest of my team. I can’t make any projections about the support I could need but I will certainly reach out if I stumble on anything.

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Phaedra Miller

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