#1: “So Sidney…”

My name is Sidney Carr and I am a sophomore at Hazen Union high school.  I came to Whats the Story because my Asst. principal took me out of class to talk to me about and ask if I would like to be a part of it.  He started out like this, “So Sidney, how do you feel about computers, and humanities and people?”  I have to say that at first I was a little reluctant but I managed to think about my future, which is something I am really looking forward to, and decided to give it a chance.  I am the one who is shy on the outside but when you really know me is the complete opposite.  Although Mr. Craig knew less than I did about the whole program, he seemed thoroughly excited for me to be joining.  Both of my parents are very supportive of and are as interested in my future as I am.  When they heard about the opportunity they jumped on it and were already thinking of how it would positively affect my life.

Although I don’t want to be a professional skier when I get older, I do want to continue skiing.  This is relevent because it is something I really love to do.  Every winter I ski with family and friends and strangers.  I make friends while I am on the slopes or on the gondola ride up the mountain.


Sidney Carr

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  • Beverly Moss
    6 years ago

    Hi Sidney,
    My name is Beverly Moss. I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio for the 28 years. I teach English at Ohio State University. These days, Charlotte is in the news for really tragic reasons. You’re right that picking just one social problem is really difficult, but your family offered really thoughtful responses to your questions. I agree with you that education, or lack education, is responsible for many of our social problems, especially Islamophobia. I wonder how you can go about gathering information on the relationship between homelessness and lack education. Are there other social issues that you can link to lack of education? Your post has me thinking about what aspect of education that I’m passionate about? For me, it’s access to quality education. Good luck with finalizing your topic.

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