“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

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Well, let me start with an explanation. No, I don’t mean anything to do with a wedding. Well, not really… This weeks blog post was to share things we had learned from WTS, things we learned because they were intentionally taught and things that we may have learned that wasn’t intentional. And that brings us back to the title, a common wedding phrase, the first thing that popped in my mind when I read the prompts for this blog post. So now I’ll explain my thought process a little, try and help clear up the confusion just a teeny bit. This year’s What’s the Story has been a journey, that’s where the connection to the wedding phrase comes in, it is my second year which suggests that I am bringing forth something old into this new experience. And the two prompts for this post “unintentional” learning and “intentional” learning are my something borrowed and something blue. I’ve learned numerous things about myself, about this program, about fellow WTS members, and skills that I can carry throughout my life. Anyways, let me share some of my learning…

As I said, this is my second year as a What’s the Story participant. And yet, this year is so much different than the last time. First of all, we are doing all of this virtually, and secondly I am now a high school student that has had many more experiences since the last time I was part of the program. My point is, the intentional learning that I have gained thus far is completely different and yet somewhat similar to last time. I have re-familiarized myself with filming, the technology, the principles, the equipment. I have evolved and expanded my knowledge of story telling, what makes a good story and how to help people share their stories. I have learned how to be more comfortable in a virtual platform, the different tools that are available (Thank you Tim and Bill for opening my eyes to Jamboard!). I have learned how to pre-interview, a skill that I think is very important and yet one I am just now learning about. Most importantly, I am learning who I am, how to be vulnerable, how to challenge myself, how to be a leader, and how to be a good listener. One thing that I have continually taken away from this program is that youth now-a-days have such a powerful voice, and I am still trying to grow into mine.

“Unintentional” learning. This is a tricky one for me, partly because I’m not exactly sure what all of the hidden pieces of learning are that I might think are unintentional but are really intentional, and partly because sometimes I am learning things and don’t even realize it. Regardless, a few things that I have taken away that might be unique are that ZOOM camera positioning can be an art, some people have it figured out, I however do not yet. Secondly, Nate knows of a great screen recording software. I’ve also learned that sometimes I can learn the most by just listening. A lot of people have great ideas and just talking and listening to them is really beneficial. I’ve learned it helps not to have a gazillion tabs open when in a ZOOM meeting, it never ends well. And lastly, I’ve learned that having the program virtually has allowed me to meet and work with some pretty amazing people. It’s so cool to work with students across the country, and despite a challenging COVID-19 situation, that part has been really awesome.

To wrap it up, I have gained a lot. I brought my old learning, I’m paring it with a new experience, I’ve borrowed tips, ideas, and suggestions, and I’m still looking for that something blue (whatever that might look like).

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  • Annie Bellerose
    6 months ago

    It’s so cool to see the evolution in your thinking and learning! It’s been a long time since that infamous interview with the fan in the top of the screen… 🙂

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