Starting Sustainability

So far, my teammates, mentor, and I haven’t found much information regarding our topic. However, we have discussed, identified, and reached out to possible sources of help for our film. Some include Sustainable Woodstock, Phoebe and Nika (co-founders of nonprofit Change the World Kids), a representative in the state house, and someone living completely off the grid. These could all possibly be useful for our film, as it is about sustainability and how to live more sustainably in a rural area such as Vermont. One specific idea that was addressed in one of our weekly huddles, is that members of our society may be obliviously falling into believing that living rurally means living more sustainably. However, the truth contrasts this claim, as it is not necessarily more sustainable. For example, when living in a more spread out area, you will consequently need to burn more fossil fuels in order to drive and get to a place further away, whereas in a city, it may be a short walk to your destination. This surprised me, because of the movement in the 1970s where many of those who wanted to help the environment, who were labeled as hippies, moved to Vermont and other rural areas in order to live a more eco-friendly life.

We still need to figure out what kinds of questions we are going to ask our resources, and we need to do more research as to the most sustainable way to live. This will ultimately help us get the information we need to start our film.

I do not have any pressing questions or concerns! I’m excited to spend another weekend with What’s the Story? and crank down on some hard work!

Sam Leggett

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