Mind Map

Scanning the Surface of Mental Health- #5.2

This week I also took a closer look into Mental Health. Identifying key players of what Mental Health is and...

Post #5 – Being Aware

Post #5 – Being Aware

I decided to dig deeper into the awareness aspect of mental health issues and depression. I explained how there are...

Mind Map- My Current Thoughts on Income Inequality

#4: Mapping Out My Thoughts

My mind map for animal cruelty.

#4 Mind Map!

#4 Mind Map!

#4 My Ideas of Climate Change Denial

Here is a link to my mind map if you can’t read the picture above. Let me know if you...

#4 Mapping My Mind


#4 A Different Kind Of Map

I got a little over invested in drawing my asparagus, so after the fifth one I decided to revert to...

March Retreat; What This Process Has Given Me

I first learned about What’s the Story through several friends that had been participating in the program last year. At...

#6 Mapping My Crazy Mind

#6 Mapping My Crazy Mind

#6 Refugee Mind Map

#6- Mind Mapping

Since I joined the program a bit later than everyone else, I did my learning scales for the first time...

#6 Mind Map

#6 Mind Map

#6: Mind-Mapping the Pipeline

#6 Mind Maps Lead Me Places

I have organized my very broad topic of gender inequality into several main branches relating to my previous post. It...

# 6 – Dress Code Mind Map

Sorry, it’s kind of unreadable…

#6 Mind Map of My Understanding of Migrant Workers

Here’s a link to my mind map for better visibility. This is only a snapshot of my thinking, and it...

#6 Mapping My Thoughts about the Opioid Epidemic In Vermont

This week I worked on arranging all of my main information and thoughts that  I have collected over the past...

#6: Fix What’s Broken 2.0 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

#6 – A Piece of My Mind

Here is my Mind Map, on the pollution of our beloved Lake Champlain. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to comment...