Taking off our training wheels

I feel like our team has been doing pretty well. After the overnight, we all got to zero in on exactly what we’re doing for our topic. Once things got more specific, we have much more hand’s on assignments. Now that we have individual assignments every week, this is where we really lose our “training wheels” and start figuring things out on our own. We all get along well, we just have some technical difficulties. Last week, we couldn’t hear Michelle well, and she couldn’t hear us at all. I ended up calling her and it worked out like that, so we were able to get our work done. Unfortunately, Miles wasn’t able to make it last week, but things will come together.

So far, we have figured out exactly what our subject and target audience is. We each figured out something to work on for the week, and when our next hangout will be. Right now it’s hard to plan our hangouts because we all have very bust schedules, but I’m sure we’ll be able to work in a regular time once we get into the swing of things. I found several helpful websites that we should be able to use for research. Next, we’ll be working on contacting different people for information, collecting data, and doing more research. I’m hoping to film some B-roll at my school at some point because our bathroom situation needs some work, and there are generic things about my school that will make good background in case we need a montage during narration.

I don’t have any really pressing questions, but I am curious about the timeline for our videos. Are there specific parts that have to be completed at different times? I’m also wondering how much we will be working with people outside of our groups. I was going to interacting at first, but I realized that we get plenty of interaction at the retreats, so I was just wondering if we would be doing any work in larger groups.

Overall, everything is going fairly well, despite being a little bit chaotic. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the next retreat!

Ava Speers
I'm 14 years old, and I love music. Just the basics (;

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