The First Marks on a Blank Canvas

It has been such an amazing experience to work with team Llama over the past few weeks. My teammates, Maddie, Azariah, and mentor Alex have been watching documentaries and discussing them weekly. It has been so cool to get to know my teammates more and experience some truly fantastic documentaries. I personally have really enjoyed hearing and discussing different views of the documentaries as well as watching some additional ones recommended by others in our group. We have worked really well as a team to show up to meetings, be active participants, and stretch our minds to consider a deeper meaning. As this is my second year participating in What’s the Story it has been really cool to be part of the cohort again during these very different times. I have learned so much from my group and am really looking forward to getting to know more of our cohort.

I think one of the largest takeaways I had through our conversations and after watching the documentaries is that it is important to have a clear story or message that you want your audience to gain from your documentary. The various documentaries that we watched did this in very different ways. Some had clear messages that either were said or shown, whereas others did this more implicitly, making you think and reflect about what you just saw. For me, one of the most effective things in each of the documentaries was the usage of video and photographs. Having the ability to visualize what you are hearing puts it in a whole new perspective. I think the documentaries helped not only spread a message but also to tell a story, they forced you to empathize with the story of the documentary, and that, is an extremely powerful thing.

I am really excited for this year, I can’t wait to get to know more people in our cohort and dive into making our films. It will be very interesting navigating interviews and everything this year with COVID but it should be an exciting challenge. I’m really looking forward to learning from everyone and seeing what others are passionate about!

Lindsay Beer

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