The Depths of Climate Change- #5.1

This week I discovered the role politics and the food industry have on climate change.

Meredith Gove

2 Responses to “The Depths of Climate Change- #5.1

  • Abigail Bartell
    5 years ago


    I LOVE that you just keep going with these ideas!

    I’m a visual art educator and artist and I imagine these mind maps all together on a huge wall…able to be connected, added to, and rearranged as you see necessary.

    This map makes me think about how Vermont stands in the food/population/farming conversation. We are tiny in comparison to some of the huge, middle America, commercial food producing states, but I feel like we’re also a microcosm in terms of the issues and debates out there.

    Have you seen Food, Inc. (2008) or The Town That Food Saved by Ben Hewitt? Both tend to be a bit more on the small farmer side, but good perspectives nonetheless.

    Awesome work!


  • Brian G Ricca
    5 years ago


    Sitting with your visual blog post reminded me of how interconnected we are – persons, on the earth, in an ecosystem – we all impact each other.

    I continue to be so proud and hopeful given the questions that you’re asking and the hard answers you’re grappling with. Your connections visual notes appropriately, in my opinion, that our very lives touch everyone else’s and our decisions impact those who we have not (and may not ever) meet.

    Powerful, in the simplicity.

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