#1: the learning excursion of a lifetime: a beginning

To whom it may concern,

I am the one who likes to take the leap of faith. The leap which is 20% the jump and 80% embracing the opportunities which follow. I enjoy spending my time with people; sometimes this looks like group projects, other times a hike, but reliably there will always be a special place in my heart for watching Netflix with friends. When working with other people, I try to ensure constructive criticism is paired with deserved praise, because exclusively identifying how people are wrong breaks them down, and I want to see people be built up.

I am the one here as a product of incredibly good luck. Everyone who had anything to share about What’s the Story encouraged me to apply. On numerous occasions, my principal bordered on coercing me into applying because he so firmly believed I’d enjoy it. I had even received some direct exposure to the project while masterfully working the camera for a couple of Clara’s English Language Learners interviews. Despite all these positive influences, I never went out of my way to involve myself. However, as the school year was coming to a close Clara invited me to attend What’s the Story’s presentation dinner, and my agreement to go was definitely vital to deciding to apply. After talking to the people who just spent a year working on these projects, seeing their work, and hearing about the process, I felt incredibly encouraged and motivated to become a part of this unique opportunity.

I am the one who wonders how the universe works, if renewable energy will overtake fossil fuels, and if I’ll make it through the day without a nap. I’ve always loved asking questions, and the technological revolution of the last decade has supported me enormously. The internet has served me incredibly well, finally allowing me to know everything (because that’s how the internet works). The plethora of questions which were constantly running through my head could finally be met with an answer, rather than a scolding remark. Another support which allowed me to continue exploring and learning was my move from a small private school to what was, comparatively at least, a large public school. This shift in scenery has afforded me countless social, academic, and athletic opportunities for which I am endlessly grateful. I’m especially glad to have found myself with a great group of friends. In school I’ve found myself with opportunities to network around the state, country, and to some extent even world as a result of my time at Hazen. And athletically speaking, I’ve become passionate about playing soccer, skiing, and running distances short and far.

Here’s to all the great things ahead,


James Tedesco

2 Responses to “#1: the learning excursion of a lifetime: a beginning

  • This was an exciting first entry to read, James. I’m glad you were convinced to join What’s the Story this year. Your curiosity certainly won’t be met with any scolding remarks in this course!

  • Hey James,

    I really liked your post! I thought it was really cool how you looked at and acknowledged all the opportunities you’ve had. It seems like you’re really appreciative of all of them and honor that by taking the leap into them. I was also encourage to do this by a friend so I can relate to that same feeling of gratitude.

    I’m definitely curious to see what topic you narrow in on!

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