The New Team: Working towards making a change

Ever since the retreat, my team (Greta, Bob and I) have been working together to move forward on a successful documentary. We have been able to meet almost every week and have been able to start to set a path and push towards the right direction. We have been working really well with getting our work done and putting in the effort. I feel like it has been hard for us to find a perfect time that will work consistently for all of us, but I think that once our schedules are less full then we will be able to find more consistency.  I feel like overall our team has been working really well together and we have been starting with some really good ideas.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been able to first watch a few documentaries related to the topic that we are focusing on which is Animal Rights, we talked about the different documentaries and how they could help us with our documentary. The next week we were talking about the next steps that we would take. We started to research about how we want to dive into our research and topic. We talked about the different subtopics that we could find a lot of research in. We were talking about how there are these animal organizations/sanctuaries that recuse farm animals who might one day get slaughtered and turned into an animal product, we are going to dig deeper into these organizations and find out more information. Another thing that we wanted to dig deeper into is, there was this dairy farmer who killed 10 bears (including babies) because they were eating his corn crops. We were going to look more into this. There were a couple of other ideas that would be good topics for our documentaries. 

Lastly, I want to share a couple of questions that I have. I feel like I am starting to really understand the whole goal of “What’s the Story.” A couple of questions that I have are: 

  1. How are we going to connect with the other groups? 
    1.  How are we going to be collaborative with each other?
  2. What are we going to focus on at the next retreat? 
  3. When are we going to start to interview people 

I think that that is it. I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks and the next retreat. I am really excited to see everyone and reconnect. I am also really excited to start interviewing and researching people. I think that this project is going to be a lot of fun once we dive more into our project. 

Pig at an animal sanctuary

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