The Progression of our Group

My group is small–super duper small. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in this case it actually makes for a better discussion and general stability. So, with that being said, I’ll have to say the first two things that come to mind are the ability we are able to have to be quite one-on-one ( or in my case, this as a trio ) for our discussions in my affinity group–and while we are doing so, it gives me an understanding of the mindset of my group-mates–how they perceive things or don’t, and their beliefs regarding certain topics. In particular, we all had similar views for the majority of the videos–and when we didn’t, we discovered other perspectives that also aligned. To delve deeper, when we watched the video about the tattoo artist who spent his life fixing the tattoos that ex-supremacists had had, we all took notes on how the location of the shots made a huge impact on the actual story-line. A key example of one of these shots happened to be when they basically focused on the poverty that had immensely deprived the town–and actually, did make an impact on the way they were educated into thinking–as they did not have the tools and resources that aided them to do so. I find getting to know a person extremely interesting, as it allows you to have a relationship formed by presumed ideals and understanding of each other. And when we meet in such a smaller group, it makes it simpler– and we are more able to be on the same path. Another highlight happens to be how successful we are in our learning–and how we push each other to have new ideas and more insight depending on what is at hand. In a couple of our hangout discussions, we were able to provide new ideas that, maybe, the other members didn’t have. Sometimes they had the same sort of thinking–but most of the time we, individually, are able to generate something that includes solely our way of thinking. This is done in the note-taking we proceed in before we meet up–and it allows us to find other people’s views on such. I know for a fact that a lot of the ideas that Matteo and Miles had whilst speaking were different from mine–but most definitely didn’t lack my ideals or beliefs. And once we had been told that we made a little mistake with lack of everyone being there for the hangout, we fixed it; and made it 10x better–and it turned out to be quite productive.

I think our group has been doing very well. We have been extremely productive in providing our potential theories from the videos, and were able to take effective notes most recently. We could use a little work on designated meet-up times, as we sometimes are a little late, early, or absent, but other than that, we’re doing great!

A couple of my current questions happen to be regarding what we’ll be doing for future meetings as a whole group–but I can totally wait it out and just see!


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  • Libby, I am so glad to hear that you are finding the small group meetings valuable! They are a very important part of WtS, and your familiarity with your group mates will continue to help you work well together! I love your reflection about solving a problem quickly and efficiently as a group, and I can’t wait to see what else you guys work on!

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