The Silent Epidemic? – #4

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Elizabeth Pietras

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  • Elizabeth,

    You’ve created a detailed, attractive, and easy-to-follow map that seems to captures much of the thinking you’ve done about this issue so far. Well done!

    As I read through it, I can already imagine a lot of this information appearing in a documentary. In fact, the way you’ve organized it into categories–prevention, the industry itself, and its impact on the state and trafficked individuals–could even serve as potential “sections” of your film, should you go on to make it. I don’t mean to get ahead of things here–only to point out that you seem to be off to a solid start!

    I’m curious about whether any state or local organizations exist to help combat human trafficking. If so, they might be valuable sources of information. I’m also curious about the part of your map that suggests boycotting companies that support human trafficking. This is clearly a sound idea, but I found myself asking, What companies (that we know of) actually do support this terrible offense? It seems bizarre that any of them would!

    Looking forward to your next entry, Elizabeth!

  • Hi Elizabeth! I love how your mind map explores what you know, what you don’t know (questions), and what you want to do about it all! I’m really inspired by the activism/advocacy you sketch out and would love to know what it will look like in practice and who your allies are in this (potential) work. I have a bias toward action, and your work seems to suggest that you do as well. Where do you think you will find credible information about human trafficking in Vermont? Who might be collecting that data? I’m already looking forward to your next post!


  • Mary Nagy-Benson
    4 years ago

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I appreciate, as a visual learner, your use of colors, and images. I think I can clearly see where your brain is going with this through your brain map. When thinking about your topic are you going to zoom in to how it is effecting Vermont and Vermonters? How do you think you will narrow down such a big topic?

    Great work,

  • You made a very good mind map using enticing colors, pictures, and words to get across your point. One thing that caught my eye was that you wrote that human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry in the world. I think that this is an important topic to write about, because it brings attention to it. Before reading your blog posts and mind map, I knew little or next to nothing about human trafficking, and after learning about it, I am glad that you wrote about it. Under the topic Fastest Growing Illegal Industry in the World, you wrote “$150 bill yearly.” What does that mean? Under the same topic, you wrote that women are trafficked more than men, why do you think that is? Overall, I believe that you talked about very important topics, but which one is worth focusing on?

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