The start of researching sustainibility

How have my teammates, mentor, and I been working together since the meeting?

Since the previous overnight retreat, our group has held one google hangout. It was a bit difficult to regroup and figure out everything technology-wise, since it is mostly new to us. After about 15 minutes, we were all finally on the group hangout, and could hear and see each other. We discussed and brainstormed different approaches to starting our research, and what we could use as resources for information regarding living sustainibly.

We decided that Mateo is going to try and reach out to Phoebe and Nika, the founders of the non-profit “Change the World Kids” that we are both a part of. He believes they will be a useful and credible source, since the group is very concerned about the climate and making a difference.

Oliver is going to use his father, a state legislator, as a source of information, since he knows many people in power and the presence of a powerful figure could influence the importance of our film.

I am going to reach out to people from Sustainable Woodstock, along with my neighbor, Elizabeth, who runs a food sustanability resource center in Norwich, Vermont. She could help us know the significance of what we eat and how it impacts the environment.

What have I accomplished, and what are my next steps?

Since the retreat, I have been toying around with the film equipment, and testing out some b-roll shots. It’s always better to have too much footage than too little when making a film, so I have been getting some shots of foliage, and wide open fields. These simple “background” shots could be put under meaningful narration, and contribute to the visual aesthetic of the film.

Along with this, I’ve simply been keeping What’s the Story on my mind and thinking about opportunities to make the film better.

My most pressing questions

Most of the questions I have now are related to the film specifications. For example, I was informed that we must use the editing software “WeVideo” to edit and trim our film. However, I have a lot of experience with other programs and could contribute my knowledge of editing to the film to make it the best and most effective it can be. This is the most important factor in my opinion, since we ultimately want to spread the message and convey it to our audience effectively.

Also, I have a very high quality video camera which I could hypothetically alternatively use for our film. I have a lot of experience filming with this camera, uploading the footage and editing it in a very professional way.

My main question, basically, is if I can use the resources I already have, and have used in the past, to make our film supreme.

Sam Leggett

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