The Start of The Puzzle

“COVID Learning”. A term that most people can relate to in some way, one that is constantly changing, and different for everyone. Over the past few months, I have been working to discover as many different ways that an education during COVID-19 can look. I began by researching, looking at Vermont state websites, and talking to various friends and teachers. Trying to get a sense of what the experiences, thoughts, and reactions were. I was looking for a starting place, laying out the corners of the puzzle. I decided that my scope was too broad, I needed to narrow my focus in order to have a shot at conveying a message. So, I decided on high school education. As I am currently a Junior in High School, I thought it might be best to focus one a group that I could best relate to. After further discussion with my weekly meeting group, the Llamas, I decided that my goal would be to express and share student voice. Although the coronavirus pandemic has brought its fare share of challenges, I personally also benefitted from the new style of education that my school started this year, and after talking with peers, I found that many of them felt similarly as well. And so, just recently, I decided the path that I wanted to take my documentary. My goal is to highlight the benefits and some challenges with current learning systems (fully virtual, hybrid, asynchronous, etc.) through the lens of student voice. I think that now is a better time than ever to speak up about changes in a traditional education system and utilize the best parts of this crazy pandemic in post-COVID learning.

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Lindsay Beer

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