The weekend rap up

  • What are some of the highlights and struggles that you experienced this weekend?

This weekend has been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the retreats in the future.  One highlight of these two days was reconnecting with people from other places because this is the only way to see them.  A highlight off of that was I really enjoyed exploring the grounds because there are a lot of cool cabins and trails behind the field. Samara and I and some other people went exploring at night and it was really cool to see all the different trails at night and to see the pond. One struggle I had this weekend was connected to Samara and I topic and the struggle was that when researching about animal rights and cruelty not a lot comes up around where we live and we are trying to stay local. I think that doing more research will help with this because we can then dig deeper and find out more things for our documentary on animal rights. Another struggle is that one of the companies bush way packaging was shut down for animal cruelty but it will be re opened with a new name but we can not find the new name anywhere so that is difficult. I think that over the course of the weekend we all have grow a little in knowledge and of knowing each other.

  • What topic / team did you join, and how’s it going so far?

The topic I chose was animal rights because I have always been interested in animal rights because of how they are treated is very important. My group is deciding to focus on the meat and product industry because a lot of animals are being treated very poorly before they get slaughtered or farmers get there milk or eggs or any other products. We both agree that the animals should have the best life before death or whatever comes next for them and we both think that people should be aware of where their food comes from and that they should try and buy food from more local places that treat their animals right. So far it has been going pretty well besides the fact that it is kind of a hard topic to research especially because we want to stay local.

  • What will you and your team do to arrive ready for our November 23 overnight?

Our team has decided to do hangouts on Wednesday at 5 because that is a time that works for everyone. Also we have decided that we need to do more research because we do not know a ton about this topic and it is hard to find stuff on animal rights because a lot of people keep their production quiet and the only way places get shut down is if someone goes undercover in and films.  I will continue to research and find out more about animal rights. I will also take a better look at the media kits so that I know more about the materials we have and what we can do with the actual equipment to make the film more impact.


In conclusion, this has been a fun weekend and there has been a lot of brainstorming I think that my group will do very well because we work well together and we both are passionate about animal rights. I also think that we will do a good job because we are both committed. The weekend was fun because we did some team building stuff and I feel like I got to know people better and I am really excited for the rest of the year with what’s the story and for the upcoming retreats.


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